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SPARTN contributes to the signal processing and robotics research at Tufts University. The lab is committed to increase undergraduate and graduate students exposure to high-impact resaerch problems. Our current focus is on autonmous and collaborative operations in multi-agent networked systems using advanced signal processing and state-of-the-art techniques in distributed algorithms. One of the main practical test-beds at SPARTN is based on the Parrot AR.Drone platform. Applications include wireless sensor networks, electric power systems, and unmanned air vehicles.
SPARTN is situated in the highly dynamic and versatile Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Computation at Tufts University. The lab is directed by Prof. Usman Khan.

News and upcoming events


Our recent work on "Self-clustering in autonomous multi-agent systems" has been accepted in Allerton 2012. Students involved: V. Minden and C. Youn.

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BEST workshop on "Introduction to Electrical Engineering and SPARTN". BEST, Bridge to Engineering Success at Tufts, is a program targeted towards first-generation college goers supporeted by the Center for STEM diversity at Tufts. Students involved: H. Oukacha and M. Tran.

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SPARTN's sponsored senior-design CAPSTONE project, "Waypoint Navigation over AR.Drone Platform", has been awarded Third place in the "IBM/IEEE Smarter Planet Challenge: Student Projects Changing the World" competition. Students involved: Y. Garcia, T. Perkins, F. Shaukat, and W. Zhang.

Highlighted projects

Wind farm regulation

A control scheme to manage multiple wind farms on the basis of constant power output to gracefully introduce renewable power into the grid. Will be presented at NAPS 2012. Students involved: K. Morrissey and G. Solimini.

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Target tracking with UAVs

Autonomous target tracking module developed for the AR.Drone platform using real-time image processing and PID controllers. Demos can be found on our YouTube channel. Students involved: M. Tran.

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